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Do That Biz

Do you want to launch or polish your business online?  These tools will help.

Skin Care for You

We are big on self-care.  This site will explain our choice of skincare.

Pet Advocate

We are pet lovers.  If you would like to help us advocate for pets, go here.

Push Your Business Online

There are so many “quick click” offers online that are promoted as the big answer to marketing your business.  I have researched many of them and am here to help you weed through the maze.

DoThatBiz Link
JenHelpsMe Link

Your Appearance Online

The pandemic made it very clear that I would be spending a lot of time online and, in particular, on Zoom.  I was looking for a way to enhance my appearance that was streamlined and affordable.  I found it and would like to share it with you.

Getting Back to Basics with Our Pets

Animals are key to calming stress and are really important to me.  I am currently working on a new website that will help us get back to reality about our pets and how they are being cared for in our current time.

DaisysLaw Pet Forum